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I occasionally volunteer as a food runner at a concert arena to help raise money for my school. Several other students do this, so most nights I get to work with my classmates.
This night, a recent graduate from our school is working in the kitchen to help assemble orders. A really big order comes through and we start preparing the tray. While we’re waiting on the last dish of the order, I pick up the tray to test the weight and balance while my classmate tells me where in the venue it’s going.
Out of nowhere, the graduate completely flips out. He begins yelling at my classmate for trying to send the order out before it was ready. Neither me nor my classmate had even made a move to leave. He continues to berate my classmate loudly until the last dish was ready and we could finally leave. He never said a single word to me during the entire exchange. Luckily, we were soon moved to another area where they needed more runners, so we didn’t have to deal with that guy again for the rest of the night.
We were both pretty glad the guy didn’t go to our school anymore, but I pity whoever has to work with him now.

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