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Overheard while christmas shopping with my niece who will be old enough to get a job and experience customers for herself in the next year or two.

Customer: It’s the wrong brand I just want to return this and you’re giving me a hard time I just want the money back!
Employee: I understand sir, but this isn’t on your receipt, you weren’t charged for it, it looks like the cashier missed this when scanning your items.
Customer: I don’t know why this is so hard I just want to return it.
Employee: Ok, but it wasn’t paid for yet, if you give me your card we can check just to make sure this was never charged, but it’s not on your receipt here.
*customer seems to cooperate for a bit and the employee does not find any charge for the item applie to the customers account. The customer still believes he was charged so she offers to check the cameras to review the transaction.*
Customer: No don’t talk to me about cameras! I am a good christian man, I am not a thief!
Employee: Sir I’m not suggestinflg your a thief, I think the item just wasn’t scanned and I want to review the cameras to confirm you weren’t charged
Customer: No! Stop talking to me about cameras, this isn’t a casino! I’m a christian man! You might be thinking about cameras, but don’t you say that to me, that’s your problem, your cashier made a blunder!

As the employee tries to calm down the customer and remove the word camera from her vocabulary I lean over to my noece and whisper “and this is what it’s like to work in customer service, fun right?!”

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