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I work part time on the phones for catalog company during the holidays. I’ve been doing it off & on since the mid 90s. I’ve encountered all sort of people on the phones over the years. My favorite are the people who think if they pay for expedited shipping when an item is on backorder, that they can somehow circumvent the whole “We don’t have the item yet to send to you” issue.
ME: Sorry that item is currently out of stock and will not be available to ship until the 27th, so it won’t arrive until around Jan 2nd or so (standard shipping)
THEM: But I upgraded it to Next Day Air online
ME: Yes, and it will arrive on the 28th
THEM: But I ordered it yesterday, next day is today.
ME: Yes but we won’t be able to send it until the 27th
THEM: But I am paying for expedited shipping to get it here today!!!!
ME: Yes, and the website says it will not ship until the 27th
Me: Yes, I see that, but we don’t have it send to you & won’t until the 27th, when it will go out to you next day air & arrive on the 28th
ME: I do understand that, but we cannot send it to you until we have it in stock on the 27th.
THEN: Why did you let me pay your outrageous next day prices if you can’t give me next day delivery!!!! <extortion, bait & switch, thievery – the accusations vary>
ME: The system allows that so you can get it the next day after we have it in stock rather that waiting 7-10 more days for standard delivery.
THEM : It says next day and I want it next day!!!! This is stupid, your company is stupid and you are stupid for working there. I cannot believe this ! You better believe I am going to tell everyone I know that you took my money under false pretenses. What is your name? I’m going to tell everyone your name too.
ME: My name is Gloria <not my name>
THEM: <Taken aback at my response> Well, GLORIA, I want your supervisor.
Me: <thanking the gods above I can finally transfer this person> Absolutely, I’ll transfer you now.
This is an compilation of multiple phone calls I have had recently & in the past. Website clearly says “ITEM WILL SHIP DEC 27” in bold red letters. Choosing expedited shipping pops up a warning box saying same thing. Not sure what else we can do except not allow the item to be ordered at all, which corporate will not do.

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