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I became acquainted with someone who turned out to be a social worker for child protective services. I asked her to tell me about the dumbest call she’d ever gotten:

Friend: My associate held the trophy for receiving the dumbest call after someone called to complain that her sister wouldn’t let her kids watch any movies beyond a G rating. The call I got outdid that one: Someone called and complained that the husband was pissed off at his wife silent treatment, and that the wife was having their 9 year old daughter relay messages to him until he cooled off and was ready to talk. The person calling in felt that it was traumatizing and emotionally abusive to the child that they weren’t getting along and felt she needed to be removed from the home until they either resolved their differences, went through marriage counseling, or got a divorce.

What fantasy planet was this person from where married couples never have differences, and the ones who did put themselves in danger of losing their kids?!? If that were the case, 80% of my childhood would have been spent in children’s shelters and foster homes!

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