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(My grandmother- dad’s mom- has recently moved in with us. It’s a huge adjustment for everyone. Unfortunately, Grandma is super stubborn and manipulative in everything and she will throw tantrums if she can’t get her way.
I’m home on my day off. I’m downstairs watching Netflix when she comes down to do her laundry and eat lunch. before heading up. She has to use a stairlift, and it will beep nonstop if it’s not locked into place at either the top or bottom of the stairs. The beeping is so loud you can hear it throughout the house. The stairlift is a bit finicky at the top and won’t always lock into place. Sure enough, as soon as she’s up, I hear the beeping. I head up and try and make it lock into place, but it won’t take, so I send it to the bottom of the stairs. Mom wants it to stay at the bottom anyway since it’s easier to navigate around there. I go back to my show, where I was at the very beginning of an episode. Forty-five minutes later, I’m just starting another episode when I hear the stairlift start up. A couple minutes later, Grandma comes downstairs.)
Grandma: (My name), why do you hate me?
Me: What?
Grandma: Why do you hate me? You knew I was coming right back down. You knew I was doing laundry. Why do you like to see me suffer?
Me: What are you talking about?
Grandma: It hurts my back to push that button to call the chair up.
(This is the first time she’s ever mentioned this. The button is directly underneath the light switch, and she only has to hold it for 30 seconds.)
Me: It was beeping and driving me crazy. Besides, it’s supposed to stay downstairs.
Grandma: I didn’t hear it!
(Grandma has selective hearing. She also has selective blindness and selective memory loss- anything to get her way.)
Me: Well, it was.
Grandma: You just like to see me suffer!
Me: (mutters under my breath) Whatever.
Grandma: Don’t use that tone with me! Oh, wait until your father gets home.
(I ignored her until she went away. Then, I got my phone out and sent my dad a message explaining what just happened. He was not happy when he got home and went up to talk to his mom about it. She tried to paint it like I was the bad guy who took joy in her suffering, but he wasn’t buying it.)
Dad: You can’t talk to my children like that. You will apologize to (my name). You know the stairlift is supposed to stay at the bottom when someone is home.
Grandma: She knew I was coming right back down!
Dad: Except you didn’t. And the thing was beeping.
Grandma: It doesn’t beep. You’re always saying it’s beeping, but it never beeps.
Dad: It beeps, you just choose not to hear it.
Grandma: It hurts my back to push that button.
Dad: Since when?
Grandma: Why are you never on my side? You always take everyone else’s side. Why are you never on my side?
(They argued for a while before he left. She refused to come down for dinner that night. She also doesn’t believe that when my uncle was living with her and she was driving him crazy, we all thought he was blowing it out of proportion. We were telling him to be nice to her. We have since admitted to him how wrong we were.
She also doesn’t understand why we tend to avoid her when we’re home.
The only reason she is not in a home is because there is a two-year wait. She also can’t afford one because she doesn’t have Medicaid because “AARP is the exact same thing” and there is no convincing her otherwise.)

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