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As background, I’m an adult, and I live with my mom to help care for my special needs brother. My controlling, abusive father has nothing to do with him. He also owes my mom a good chunk of money from their divorce years ago. Because of the lack of other finances, including what he didn’t pay previously, I have used some of my savings over the years to support us all. We are one household after all, and I love them.

My father just got an expected windfall and is finally paying my mom what he owes her. Over the last couple of years, he has said repeatedly that he wants to pay me back for what I have spent for my mom and brother. It’s a seemingly kind gesture, meant to get back in my good graces.

Well, now that the money has come in, he says he will pay me money, out of the sum he owes my mom. Sice I spent the money for her and my brother, he says it’s only right that she repays me, with some of the money he owes her. …I understand the logic of what he is saying to a degree, but this completely contradicts what he has been saying for the last couple of years. Finally, after I had told him over, and over that what he said then isn’t matching what he is saying now, ke came up with this gem which is almost verbatim.

“For you to go on the words when you should have gone on the meaning, the feeling level, the sense of it, is ludicrous! I’m flabbergasted!”

All of this was said with the same level of incredulity as if I had said I was a Flat Earther. After continuing for a good minute or two about how truly flabbergasted he was that I wasn’t telepathic, he continued talking about words, saying:

“I find the surface level of communication is a waste of time.”

I really shouldn’t be surprised. If he misspoke, it was always our fault for not understanding him. If we misspoke, it was our fault for not being clear. Sorry for venting NAR. I just got off the phone after a two-hour sanity-melting talk, and I just really needed to.

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