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One beautiful day some years ago I was out shopping alone, minding my own business, when two young men I’ve never seen before, approximately my age, approach me and both drop down on one knee in front of me. I am beyond confused but before I can say anything, they start singing.
Guys (completely off-key): Come slide down rainbows in the sky, let’s fly away!
Like a bird, you’re free to see the boundless face of the earth!
I look around and see a group of other men, the same age as the two in front of me, point our way and laugh their asses off. This is obviously some kind of bet. Meanwhile, my two friends soldier on, faces flushed brightly red.
Guys: Let the wind blow you like a kite and glide away!
Far beyond the clouds you’ll find another place!
I decide to indulge them.
Me: If the road ahead you seems so cold and gray
when night never turns to day, don’t you be afraid, go fly away!
All three of us (from the top of our lungs): CHA-LA! HEAD CHA-LA!!
And so on. We’ve attracted quite a crowd by now and I expect security personnel to show up any moment, but we actually manage to finish the whole song uninterrupted. The guys get up.
Guy #1: That was AWESOME!!
We high five.
Guy #2: Yeah! Actually, uh… Could I get your number?
Unfortunately, we didn’t work out at all. I do still somewhat regret it. It would have been so cool to tell this story one day ending with “And that, kids, is how I met your grandfather.”

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