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(My friend and I are attending a gig together. They go to the bar during the opening act to get a drink, and a very drunk guy starts talking to them. Note that as this is a metal band, most of that gig-goers are wearing rock/metal/punk style outfits. Think black clothing, chains, metal band shirts, leather jackets, big heavy boots etc. This guy is wearing blue jeans, trainers, and a plain white tshirt so he’s fairly noticeable.)

Drunk dude: hey, is that your boyfriend? *points to a random man standing near the bar*

Friend: …no? I don’t know that guy.

Drunk dude: Oh OK. So do you have a boyfriend? Do you like this band? Where do you live? *he goes to put his arm around my friend who moves away from him*

Friend: Look I’m here to see the band not get hit on by a stranger and I definitely don’t want you to touch me. Jog on and we won’t have a problem.

Drunk dude: Oh OK, sorry. *he keeps hovering near my friend the whole time they’re waiting to be served, apologising again and trying to touch their arm/shoulder every time*

(When my friend gets back they tell me about this and we laugh a bit about how they gave the dude an easy out and he kept digging himself deeper, then forget about it. When the main act starts I go to stand at the edge of the crowd while my friend goes to mosh, and who should turn up next to me? The drunk dude who can’t take a hint.)

Him: *dancing obnoxiously in front of me, blocking my view of the stage*

Me: *rolls my eyes and avoids eye contact as I keep trying to watch the band*

Drunk dude: *reaching out to take my hands and get me to dance with him*

Me: *shakes my head and points my thumb sideways to tell him to f*** off*

Drunk dude: *says something I can’t hear over the music and starts thrusting his hips at me*

(At that point I walked away and thankfully he didn’t follow me, but jeez dude. He must have been making his way round everyone at the gig who looked like a girl and, unsurprisingly, striking out every time. Some say he’s still inappropriately touching strangers at gigs to this day.)

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