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(It’s Thanksgiving in the US which means turkey dinner with the family but this year my mom, a medical professional, is working a shift for the holiday. As such we’ve delayed the dinner to the day after. The day of Thanksgiving my dad and I instead head to the local casino which has a turkey dinner buffet.)

Dad: *as we’re sitting down* Hey, see that guy over there?

(I look and see an older man with a big beard and worn clothing.)

Dad: That’s [Name]. He’s a vet I sometimes see around town, really nice guy. He’s homeless right now but whenever he gets enough money for a meal he comes here.

(We eat, during which I noted the vet is obviously taking his time so he can enjoy the meal while it lasts. As such we finish before him and a waiter comes to give us our check.)

Dad: By the way, I’d like to pay for [Vet]’s dinner.

Waiter: *grinning* Sorry, but another customer already paid for it.

Dad: Well how about his wine then?

Waiter: That I can do.

(It’s moments like this which make me proud to be part of my family.)

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