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(I deal with customer complaints and queries – usually a customer will call in, and I will get their email address to ask them for more information and to provide better feedback. A customer calls with a complaint, so I send her a standard email asking for product information and more detail. A few days later I receive a reply to my email. Please note that this is specifically replied TO THE EMAIL I SENT)

Customer: I haven’t received it yet.

Me: Thank you for your mail – Please could we be advised on what has not been received? If you would like, we may have an email resent?

Customer: I called you about [Product] that I had a problem with. You asked me for my email regarding this matter. I would appreciate you contacting me regarding this.

Me: Apologies for any confusion, you appear to have replied to the original mail that I had sent regarding your concern? I am including a copy below, and attaching the original mail. Please could you advise on the relevant details so we may assist you further?

(I have yet to receive a response, but how do you reply ON THE EXACT MAIL that you said you haven’t received??)

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