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My family and I were eating at a well-known barbecue chain that specializes in brisket.

We were about to go, and I was almost out of Coke. I don’t like ice, but I always feel bad when the servers go to refill my drink, along with the other half of my family’s, who do. So:

Me [to server]: Sorry for being such a hassle, but could I get a refill, please?

Server: Oh! No, you’re fine. I’ll get you that right away, sweetie.

However, it was rather noisy in the restaurant and my dad likely thought I said…something else.

Dad: What did you just say to that woman, [My Name]?!

Me: [shocked]: Dad, no! I didn’t say that, I said “hassle”!

Dad: [beat] [starts laughing] Well, you got me there!

Me: [laughing with everyone else] Yeah, and if I wanted to say that, I would have added an “an”!

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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