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So when I was about 11 years old, I was shopping with my aunt and younger cousin; She was about 6 at the time. We had already been to many stores but decided to stop at my local Walgreens to pick up some crisps and medicine. My aunt had been waiting in the pharmacy line for over 20 minutes so my cousin and I decided to explore the store out of boredom. We were looking through all the makeup and such. I was so intrigued by some sort of item on the shelf so I was ignoring my cousin for a little bit, she was right next to me so I didn’t worry too much about her wandering away.
I felt her hand pull me to get my attention, she was laughing and pointing a little bit towards something down the aisle. I smiled and turned to see what she was pointing at, that was when I went bug-eyed in embarrassment. She had been laughing and pointing at an older woman who was considered a little person (AKA dwarfism). I am not one to make fun of others from their appearance, and I didn’t want my cousin to think it was ok to do that.
I turned to her and quietly explained how it wasn’t okay to do what she was doing and that she was a person just like us that can do anything if they wanted to. My cousin sat there with an ‘oh’ kind of face. She then smiled and apologized to me. We went back to looking at makeup.
A few minutes later, I felt another tap on my shoulder. I turned to say “what is it now (cousin)?” but that’s when I saw the lady from before.
I was raised to be polite so I say, “Oh-uh hello ma’am, I didn’t see you there” I looked at her expectantly so she would tell me why she poked me.
Instead of her being polite towards me like I was to her, She poked me harder and screamed, “Oh! because I’m sooooo small you can’t see me!? F**k YOU, YOU LITTLE KNOW IT ALL” She was in my 11-year-old face screaming and spitting.
I stood there in shock, not knowing how to respond. She went on-“You and your little friend” she said gesturing to my 6-year-old cousin,” Has been pointing and staring at me this whole time! F**k you guys. YOU HAVE NO RESPECT, why don’t you take a picture it will last longer”
I started tearing up and shaking, “I-I don’t. I don’t know what you mean. I told her not to point because it’s not right to judge someo-” before I can answer I felt a stinging sensation on my lip. Did…did she just punch me??
That was when I fell to the ground sobbing, My cousin ran to my aunt screaming. I was too little to explain myself. (I’m guessing the lady got mad because even when my cousin stopped pointing, she didn’t stop staring. She had never seen a little person before).
By now she was full-blown ranting about how kids have no respect and we are worthless for being born the way we are even though we are taller than her.
Suddenly a big burly man came and pulled her aside, he started apologized profusely to me and lugged her away, out of the store. They left. I was sitting there when my aunt came with tears in my eyes and a bruised lip, Noone in the store had seen this situation. (My aunt has mild autism so she doesn’t believe me when I tell her what happened, she thinks I’m just being a baby).
We left and I never told anyone until I was older, I am 16 now and still, No-one believes me when I tell them. Only my cousin does, but she’s still young so no-one believes her either. I just wish I had asked to see the videotapes…

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