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(I dread needles, so I like to know what to expect. The dentist tells me there will be 5 total. I prepare for that. However, he only uses 2 to start with. I assume it’s because he’s working on the lower half first; the last 3 will be used for the upper teeth.
He finishes the lower half without incident. After a short break, he picks up the drill again.)
Me: “Okay. 3 more shots.”
Dentist: “Huh? Oh, no- those were only in case you weren’t numb.”
Me: *weighing my dread of needles vs my dread of pain* “Can you tap my teeth?”
Dentist: “Tap them???”
Me: “Just to make sure I’m numb.”
Dentist: “Ah! Okay.”
(He reaches into my mouth and messes around for a few seconds. I finally feel a sharp poke- not enough to really hurt- but I immediately alert him.)
Dentist: *to his assistant* “More lidocaine, please.” *to me* “It’s a good thing you asked me to check.”
Me: *already imagining what would have happened* “Y-yeah…”
(The rest of the appointment went fine, but that part was really scary!)

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