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My grandma and I recently made a weekend trip to the town we used to live in so I could have an appointment with a specialist I have yet to find a local replacement for. When we got back to town, we were exhausted and she was starving. As we didn’t have any food waiting at home, she decided to get some food from a certain fast food chain who’s main color is orange.

She repeated her order (one Jr [namesake] burger with no cheese and replacing the mustard with mayo, and one plain burger that was just the bun and the patty as a treat for my service dog, nothing for me due to dietary restrictions) at LEAST three times at the order box. She was given a price that was definitely too high for what she had ordered (she had previously ordered the exact same thing from that exact same location once or twice before), and when we got to the window to pay, the order was repeated back as what my grandma had corrected as being wrong no less than three times at the order box.

The employee there could not understand that the order was completely wrong (cheese and mustard on the [Namesake] Jr, cheese/mayo/mustard on the plain burger, etc) and someone else came over to help, and she was (thankfully) able to understand what my grandma wanted and fixed it, and the price went down a whole two dollars! The first employee had tried to charge for two [Namesake] Jr’s, plus extra for addons to the one that was supposed to be the [Namesake] Jr.

This is the only time we’ve had an issue with that location. We get that it had probably been a long day (we went through at around 7:30-8pm), and that she was a trainee, but seriously? Being corrected 3-5 times or more wasn’t enough to understand that you had the order wrong? I don’t think she’s going to last very long there.

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