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(My dad has always enjoyed cartoons, and fueled my love for them early in life by making sure to show me all the cartoons he loved growing up. In my case, this quickly branched out into a love for anime as well. Now as an adult, I’m repaying him by showing him various anime that suit his taste. Important note: my dad also has a HORRENDOUS memory when it comes to show and character names, and the foreign/odd ones found in anime definitely make it worse. He will usually refer to whatever we’re watching as “the show” instead of by name. Then one day:)

Dad: Are we going to watch more Assassination Classroom today?

Me: Oh my goodness! You remembered the name, I’m so proud of you!

Dad: To be honest, I only remembered because I saw it pop up on Oo-low earlier.

Me: … did you mean Hulu?

Dad: … that wasn’t intentional.

Me: *dies laughing*

(So close, yet so far. He’s doing much better remembering names now though!)

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