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(I’m driving home from a concert and I have a hankering for a snack, so I stop by a popular drive-thru and get a milkshake. I pull forward after placing my order, and the driver in front of me is at the window waiting for his order. Several minutes pass before he receives it. Afterwards, I can hear hear him complaining to the cashier, but I cannot make out what he is saying. After a few moments going back and forth with the cashier, he pulls away. I pull up to the window. The teenaged cashier only just now starts making what I presume is my milkshake. After she finishes, she starts chatting with her coworker for a good five minutes before she finally brings my milkshake to me.)

Cashier: It’ll be $3.17, sir.

(I give her a $5 bill. She goes back in and goes right back to chatting with her coworker for a couple minutes. When she comes back, she gives me $1 and no coins.)

Me: Excuse me, please.

Cashier: What?

Me: I don’t think you gave me the right change.

Cashier: I gave you the right change.

Me: No. You gave me $1.

Cashier: That is the right amount, sir.

Me: No it isn’t. I gave you $5 for a $3.17 shake.

Cashier: Yes, and your change is $1.

Me: No, it would be $1.83. You still owe me 83 cents.

Cashier: *rolls eyes* You’re just trying to scam us!

Me: No, I just want my change back.


(Just then, a manager approaches the cashier from behind.)

Manager: Clean out your locker and go home. You’re done here.

(The cashier storms off in a huff. The manager turns to me and hands me my missing change.)

Manager: Here’s your change, sir. I’m very sorry that this happened.

(He gives me a coupon for a free small shake as a gesture of good will. I’m never going back to that particular location, and the next closest location is several towns away, so I don’t think I’ll be using that coupon any time soon.)

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