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This is a story about our next door neighbor’s youngest son. This kid is about 5 or 6, so a very small child. This kid just decides to come over to our house to see our dogs. He just walks out of his house and into ours. He makes sure to tell us he’s not looking for his mom and goes to the backyard to play with our dogs. (These dogs are about 90-95 lbs each and are face level with this kid on all fours) Then when my dad and I are in the backyard playing with him and our dogs we hear the kid’s dad yelling his name. My dad yells at him that he’s over here at our house. [Kid]’s dad then tries to cover up how scared he was by yelling back that it’s fine. Then [Kid]’s mom comes over and brings him home where I assume they had a long talk about leaving the house without permission

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