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, | Unfiltered | August 13, 2022

(When I was a kid of about 6, my crazy, horror loving dad thought it’d be a good idea for me to watch vampire movies with him. I’ve hated horror and blood made me physically sick ever since then. My brother thinks I’m overreacting.)

Brother: “I know that you were a kid, but couldn’t be that bad. You need to get over it.”

Me: “Oh really?”

(I look up the scene on Youtube: it’s where a little girl vampire slits the throat of another and blood is EVERYWHERE.)

Me: “Watch this.”

(He watches it and winces.)

Brother: “Yeah, ok, it is that bad. But I think when Dad made me watch people bathing in blood at 12 is worse though.”

(I don’t know why he thought showing a vampire movie to a little kid wasn’t that bad in the first place. Like gather like son I suppose!)

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