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[I regret to say that I’m the bad customer in this story. Thankfully, I wasn’t too insufferable. At least, I think.
My step dad was getting my brothers and me ice cream from the ice cream truck that was going down our street. I saw that they had a banana milkshake, and..]

Me: Could I have a banana milkshake?

Employee: And is that with vanilla or chocolate ice cream?

Me, thinking he hadn’t heard me: Banana, please.

Employee: ..Yes, okay, but would you like that to be made with vanilla or chocolate ice cream?

Me, realizing something’s wrong but not knowing what: ..Banana?

Dad: No, the ice cream-

Me: Oh! Oh, I’m so sorry, vanilla, please.

[I hope the guy didn’t get too frustrated just because I forgot how milkshakes are made.]

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