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, | Unfiltered | August 6, 2022

I am a Latino person living in Japan since March (6 months ago) and have learned enough Japanese to handle myself around. My teacher and Japanese friends say I have excelent pronunciation (since Spanish sounds a lot like Japanese).

Most of the time I have no problems (seriously most of the time), but situations like this have happened a few times.

Me: (Japanese) Excuse me where is the bus stop.
Woman: I don’t undertand.
Me: Oh ok, sorry.
(Woman leaves)
Wait… didn’t she say that in Japanese? I was speaking Japanese!

My mom: Can I get some water please.
Waiter: No English.
Me: (Japanese) Water please.
Waiter: No English

Me: (Japanese) Where is the “Glico Man”?
Taxi driver: (Japanese) What?
Me: Glico man.
Taxi driver: (Japanese) What?
Me: (demostrates running and the Glico Man pose)
Taxi driver: Ahhhhh Guriko Man
Me: (to my mom) I’m so dumb, I forgot to say it in the Japanese way.

My friend (who speaks perfect Japanese) asks a question.
Person: (Speaks back in English).
My friend: (Japanese) What? Can you repeat please.
Person: (In English).

My friend doesn’t speak English.

Life in Japan is fun.

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