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I was a cashier at a grocery store for 6 years starting in high school. Cashiers did not have permission to do refunds or exchanges and were not allowed to tell customers “no.” We were allowed to call a manager who could do all three, though. We also had a self check station right in front of the service desk that people normally treated as the service desk. This is where I was stationed. A man came up to me and said, “I want a refund on my beer.” I asked, “do you have the beer and your receipt?” “No, but my beer is green. I want a refund.” According to law, we are not allowed to do refunds on alcoholic products. And we need a receipt and/or the item for any refund. Knowing all this, I still had to call a manager because I was not allowed to tell a customer “no.” Manager, “what can I do for you.” “My beer turned green; I want a refund.” “Do you have your receipt?” “No.” “Do you have the beer?” “No.” “Legally we cannot do refunds on alcohol and I can’t do anything else without a receipt or the beer. Sorry sir.” “But I want a refund. My beer is green.” This continued for a few minutes during which the customer started yelling. The manager decided to call the store manager for assistance. Store manager, “what’s the problem here?” “My beer is green and I want a refund.” “We can’t do refunds on alcohol. Do you have the beer or receipt?” “No” “Then there is nothing else I can do.” “But my beer is green. Give me a refund.” “I can’t.” After several more minutes of the customer yelling that he needs a refund because his beer was green, the store manager banned the customer. Afterwards, we wondered how many drinks it took before the beer turned green. (There was quite a bit of swearing done by the customer too, but I tend to tune that out.)

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