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(My grandmother- dad’s mom- has recently moved in with us. She spends her first few weeks not doing much, mostly watching TV and observing us. My uncle- dad’s brother- comes over a lot to check on her as well, but he never stays long. My uncle was unemployed (he worked construction until he got injured) and living with my grandma previously, but after she moved in with us, he was able to find a retail job, and he seems happy to be working again, even though it hurts his back to stand all day. Grandma watched all of this unfold. One day, she goes up to my mom with this:)
Grandma: Hey, (Mom), what would you do if you thought one of your children was smoking marijuana?
Mom: Uh, what?
Grandma: If one of your children was smoking marijuana, what would you do?
Mom: I’d introduce them to their uncle (Mom’s brother).
Grandma: Why?
Mom: He’s a junkie who has brain damage because he was on drugs when he got into a motorcycle accident. Why do you ask?
Grandma: Oh, I was just curious.
(Turns out, she had found a bottle of CBD oil out on the counter, and she didn’t know who it belonged to, but she guessed me, my brother, or my uncle. It belongs to Mom.)

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