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I work in a pizza place that closes its carryout a couple of hours before delivery stops. We use a MagLock system that requires a passcode to enter. This makes it simple for our drivers to come and go as needed while securing the lobby. Unfortunately, the code isn’t changed that often, unless there’s a security issue that requires it. This means that we have former employees that enter after the lobby is closed and try to order. One evening, after we have stopped taking carryout orders a former driver lets herself in and wants to order a pizza. At this point in the night, I’m the only instore employee and am responsible for all facets of the operation, from order taking all the way through to finishing the order and getting it ready for delivery. I had several orders in progress and informed her that carryout was closed and that I couldn’t take her order. She later complained to the GM that I refused to take her order. Seriously?!?

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