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, | Unfiltered | August 5, 2022

(My dad was getting married in a private wedding at his house. I didn’t want to go, since I was still grieving my mom, but my brother insisted. All of us were pretty sad, dwelling on our dead mother, and at moments I was barely holding back tears. My brother looked somber. My elder sister was openly bawling, which was weird, since she’s not emotional.)

Pastor: “Would you like to make a speech, [Sister]? About [Dads New Wife]?”

Sister: *tears streaming * “U-um uh, what can I say? [Dad’s wife] is a l-l-lovely person, she-she helped my b-b-brother, and she’s been g-good to my dad, and uh….we w-w-w…wish them all the happiness in the world! Excuse me!” *goes to the back with her boyfriend and loud mournful crying can be heard*

Pastor: “Uh, thank you….”

(I would’ve took pity on her and gave the speech myself, but I didn’t know dad’s new wife very well, and had no idea what to say about her. I was glad the pastor didn’t pick me. Brother looked like he was regretting making us go to the wedding, but didn’t say anything.)

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