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My brother and I are twins. We are both very different people and have led very different lives. Not to sound too judgmental, but my brother is not exactly… Law abiding. Somehow, my brother is my grandma’s favourite. She is a mean spirited woman who loves to pit us against each other.

Grandma: Well, [my name] didn’t do as well at her exams as [brother]. I always knew he was smarter!

My mum: Um… [Brother] might have gotten good marks, mother. But he was only allowed to take the exams for one subject. He was suspended for stealing a teacher’s phone, and will have to retake his exams next year. I think you’re being a bit harsh on [my name]. She studied hard and got good marks.

Grandma: Not as high as [brother]!

A few years later…

I have gone to university. Graduated. Got a lucrative job in my field. Gotten married. Own my own house and have two small children.

I love my brother, but he has been to prison twice in that time and has a substance abuse problem.

Grandma: Can you believe it!? I’m going to be a great grandma! [Brother’s on-off girlfriend] is pregnant! Finally! I’m so proud of him. Hopefully this will be what he needs to straighten himself out.

I just looked down at my two small children and wondered if she thought I had randomly started childminding, and hadn’t realised she was already a great-grandmother.

My brother did become a father. He later stole his girlfriend’s dog and moved to another country to get away from burglary charges. He has not seen his child since it was born.

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