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Recently on campus we’ve been sitting in a grassy area for Bible discussions, which works just fine in the summer. The problem is, it’s still spring, so the grass is constantly damp. Despite this, we sit there every single day. Normally you can sit on your jacket and you’ll be fine, but some days you still end up with a wet backside. This particular day I’ve found something else to sit on, since I really like my jacket and don’t want it to get wet. My boyfriend also finds something else to sit on: his frisbee. In our friend group he’s famous for always having it in his bag, so everybody knows about it. We go to lunch after Bible discussion and Friend #1 is explaining to Friend #2 what happened. Keep in mind that Friend #1 has some difficulty with Spanish, so things don’t always come out quite the way he wants them to, but he also takes advantage of this to make some hilarious jokes:

Friend #1: There might be a problem playing frisbee now…

Friend #2: Why?

Friend #1: Well… “Somebody” sat on [boyfriend]’s frisbee.

Friend #2: What do you mean “Somebody?” Who?

Friend #1: *pointed look at [boyfriend]*

Friend #2: Why did you do that?

Friend #1: *before [boyfriend] can answer* Because he didn’t want to get his… Buttcheeks wet.

Everybody: *laughing hysterically*

Me: Really [Friend #1]? Buttcheeks? You couldn’t just say “butt?”

Boyfriend: *embarrased and trying to hide his face, especially from me*

My boyfriend then puts on a pair of dark glasses, tells me to look at his phone, and flahes a light.

Me: … what?

Boyfriend: You know… Men in Black? “Forget everything you just saw?”

Me: *laughing more*

Friend #1: Ya it’s kind of wavy now…

Friend #2: Like a mountain!

Friend #1: Well… More like 2 mountains…

Boyfriend: *even more embarrassed, but now laughing*

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