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As a cross country runner and a cyclist I was annoyed by a muscle pain in my chest. I let my fitness band take my pulse at the usual time of the evening and it reported 340bpm which I thought was a glitch but I called the non-emergency service anyway.

They sent a paramedic team who confirmed that my fitness band was over estimating and it was 280bpm. Cue rush to hospital.

They gave me the most painful injection I have had in my life to try to bring it down… three times and it was worse each time.

The doctor decided that the only way to bring it under control was to put me under, stop my heart and then restart it. You literally can’t run for long with a heart rate 5 times the normal rate before things start to fail.

I guess the lizard brain was listening. As they were about to inject me with the general anaestetic it suddenly dropped to 150 which is survivable so I was admitted to a ward instead for monitoring.

On the way to the ward it dropped again to my usual 57bpm.

3 days in hospital because my heart decided to go nuts but those injections probably saved my life.

It is an aortic flutter caused by a.. short circuit around the outside of the heart that puts everything out of sync. Lots of monitoring now in place.

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