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(I’m a young male and I’m in the doctor’s office getting my eye flushed out because of something stuck in my that wasn’t coming out. My doctor is in the room with me off to the side. He’s told to try crying a bit to see if it will help while he gets a dropper. While I’m trying to cry a doctor’s assistant walks by and pokes his head in)

Doctor’s assistant: Stop crying you wuss, you’re a grown man. You shouldn’t be afraid of Doctors.

(That comment was not the right thing to say as my doctor heard that comment and walked right over to the door. The other doctor was nervous and I think he knew he messed up.)

My doctor: I don’t think this will work out. Please leave now.

(The guy left right after my doctor told him to leave. My doctor with his dropper and my tears were able to flush the thing in my eye. It was a tiny stone.)

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