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When I was in college in a small town, there was a renowned local photographer. I’ll call him Flash. He actually attended Kodak’s photography school. Flash did an art show at my college which I couldn’t miss. One photo still stays in my mind: a race car at Indy during time trials that was frozen in time where you could see the crispest details… but the rest of the image was blurred from motion.

My roommate was a photojournalism major and thus in a bit of awe of Flash. My roommate took a course in photography at a nearby university since ours lacked the right course. His professor was one of those who refused to give A’s. I hated such professors and dropped one such course myself, but my roommate had no choice. One day he says:

Roommate: My professor finally admitted he gave one A.

Me: You’re kidding.

Roommate: Guess who.

Me: How would I know?

Roommate: Flash

Me: He better have.

As I said, I hate professors who have “No A” as a policy, but at least this one had standards.

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