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A few days ago, it was my sister’s birthday, so we went to a new restaurant that she wanted to try out. We ordered a few dishes, and halfway in one of the dishes, my dad found a piece of hair in the dish. We knew it wasn’t one of ours since none of us have curly hair, so we decided to call our waitress up to let her know. As a FRIENDLY reminder, not a i-want-a-refund one. The restaurant had multiple locations, but the one in my city just opened about a month ago, so it was relatively new.

dad: hey, just wanted to let you guys know, there’s a piece of hair in this dish. *shows hair*

waitress: *looks like a deer in the headlights* so sorry for the inconvenience, do you want a new one?

dad: no, it’s fine, we’re almost done with the dish anyways.

waitress: *slowly backs away* oh, ok then!

A few minutes later, the manager comes up.

manager: so sorry for the inconvenience! do you want us to make a new one for you guys?

dad: it’s fine, really.

The waitress looks scared the rest of the time we were there. In the end, they took off both the dish that had the hair and another dish. Waitress, wherever you are now, I hope that you’re not always scared of customers that complain!

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