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I used to work in a cinema complex that was in a multi story building. The building itself held other retail stores, foodcourt, restaurants etc. Like most malls, it had security that would unlock it in the mornings and lock it up at night. The cinemas usually opened up later in the morning, so regular employees like me never had need for swipe cards to access the building early. Only managers and security would have access swipe cards.

Well one day we had a special private event occurring in one of our cinemas, which required two morning employees to start about an hour before the building usually opened, one being me. We were assured that someone would be at the doorway to let us in just before shift.

Lo and behold, us two employees arrived at the door, only to find no one there to greet us. We waited. And waited. Tried calling the office but the manager must have been in the cinema itself, setting up. We tried calling the manager cell phone. No response. Lucky we were both early for shift to put our stuff away in the staff room and have some breakfast before clocking in.

After waiting for a while, I went around to one of the main entrances to the building, which is a big glass doorway, and started knocking. Soon enough there was a very angry looking security man on the other side.

I attempted to explain to him that I was one of two cinema employees scheduled early for an event later in the morning, and needed to get in to go get it all set up.
He did not believe me, and told me to wander away, but in a slightly more aggravated manner.
I had my uniform in my bag with me, and attempted to use that as proof.

After a while of explaining, asking for him to go up and check with the cinema manager, all that stuff, and him refusing, I trailed back to the other door. To find my coworker gone.

Turns out they had then come looking for me at the glass door, as once my coworker finally had the cinema manager come down to check for us, she had told them that I had gone to speak to security at the main entrance.

I finally got a hold of them, and started my shift almost 15 minutes after clock in time.

Thankfully I had a good manager that allowed both me and my coworker to make the time up by extending out a tea break.
They now have temporary swipe passes for employees rostered to work special, early events.

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