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I’ve been at the hospital having a quick procedure, and I’m a bit lightheaded and dazed afterwards. As I’m walking up the stairs to get to the parking garage, I see a group of 5 people on the landing, a couple in their 30s and 3 older people that look like they’re maybe parents or older relatives of the younger people. The younger man is holding a paper tray from a popular coffee shop with 2 drinks in it, and 2 of the older people are holding 2 drinks. He’s handing one of the drinks to the younger woman and telling them all about the drinks.
Man: They have all sorts of pumpkin-flavored drinks now, for fall. This one is cold brew coffee with a cold foam that has pumpkin in it. It’s really good. (he hands it to the younger woman)
Me, without thinking and without breaking stride as I walk by: that one’s really good. It’s my new favorite. I prefer it without the vanilla syrup, it’s pretty sweet. But it’s really good either way.
Younger woman, laughing: oh that does sound good!
Me, still walking: I’m going to get one for myself now.
Several of the people, as I walk away: enjoy it!

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