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(I’m a lesbian, and my girlfriend is bi. She has shorter hair and dresses more masculine, and at first glance some people confuse her for a girl. I, on the other hand, have long hair and dress very femininely. We were both staying after school with some friends, and are walking back together from the water fountain holding hands. A guy we don’t know walks up to us.)
Guy (to my girlfriend): “Are you a girl?”
Gf: “Yes?”
Guy (to me): “Are you a girl?”
Me: “yes?”
Guy: “So you’re both girls?”
Us: “Yes.”
(At this point the guy starts yelling about how being gay is horrible and there should be “no gay sh*t” at our school. The two of us walk away and I flip him off. This guy, and other people like him, are the reason my gf and I don’t feel comfortable holding hands at school.”

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