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(I wake up one morning, and go online when I find a message from a former coworker. We never really talked outside of work, and I never heard from her since she left, so I’m surprised to hear from her. Note: I am also black.)

Former Coworker: I have a pic of you doing something really stupid.

(I’m very confused about this so I talk about it with our manager when I get to work since he still somewhat keeps in touch with her. A day or so later, he comes up to me.)

Manager: Yeah, I asked her about that pic. She was talking about [Another Black Coworker].

Me: Wait a minute… are you telling me she confused me for THE OTHER BLACK GUY?! It was bad enough when customers couldn’t tell us apart, but she and I worked together! We don’t even look alike!

Manager: *sighs* Yeah… I know.

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