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, | Unfiltered | July 11, 2022

(my boyfriend recently got a new kitten, which he calls “Mow/The Mow” (rhymes with wow) because of her unique sounding meow. We are at my house having dinner with my parents when the following exchange occurs)

Boyfriend: **is talking about [kitten]**
Me: “Yeah, [boyfriend]’s Mow sure is cute!”
My mom: **mishearing me** “Did you just say [boyfriend] has a cute mouth?”
Boyfriend: **is confused, then starts laughing hysterically**
Me: “Ummm… no. We call [kitten] Mow, M-O-W, cuz of the noise she makes.”
My mom: **laughs and explains that she misheard me**

(the whole exchange has now become an inside joke!)

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