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(I’m in my sophomore year of high school when my Spanish teacher gives us a big project meant to help us build ties with the Spanish community. I’m internally freaking out, since I don’t feel like I can do anything required. The project requires that we either interview a native speaker of Spanish or go to an event where Spanish is spoken, such as a restaurant where we’ll order in Spanish or to a religious service. Being antisocial and hating to ask my parents for anything, I have no idea what to do and decide that my best option is to fudge the project. So I text a friend of mine who does not speak Spanish whatsoever asking for her help. I tend to phrase things oddly.)

Me: Can I interest you in a scam?

Friend: I’m always interested in being scammed.

Me: No, you’re helping me scam someone. Namely my Spanish teacher.

Friend: Ohhh. That’s even better. Sign me up.

(She ended up answering the interview questions I wrote in English. I translated the whole thing into Spanish and based my project around that. We made up a fake Spanish name and got a guy she knew to send us some selfies he took for “photo evidence.” I handed in the project, got a good grade, and was never caught.)

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