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Walking on the streets I noticed that a pizzeria I’ve never been into has a lunch offer with 3 toppings for reasonable price. So feeling peckish I went in and to the counter. I told about the lunch offer and was answerd that it’s valid, so I ordered triple shrimp toppings with garlic and added that I wanted the garlic put on the pizza before baking. The guy wrote my order down and I took a utensils, glass and a water pitcher and went to some table.

Waited in a table and got my pizza. Asked the guy who brought it that was it really my pizza. The cook came out of the kitchen and asked me what was wrong with the pizza. And I replied that I ordered triple shrimp and thirteen shrimps on this size of pizza is not triple shrimp and what about this raw garlic that’s on my pizza when I asked to add it in before baking. The cook said that he can do me new pizza but I walked out and said that if you don’t get your orders right in the first place how could you think you can do business. Three months later the pizzeria was not there.

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