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When I’m in eighth grade, our school signs on a new teacher, who is only 22 and appears even younger, especially since he loves talking about bikes and his voice sometimes cracks spectacularly while he’s teaching. One day his wife brings in cupcakes for our class for his birthday. She takes a picture of our class with our cupcakes and it’s posted on one of the school’s social media pages.

I think nothing of this until my mother is scrolling through her own social media and looks up.

Mom: “[My Name]?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Mom: “This is your class, right?”

Me: “Yeah. It was [Teacher]’s birthday so his wife brought us cupcakes.”

Mom: “I know, it said that in the caption. But I was looking for your teacher and I couldn’t find him at first . . .”

Me: *pointing* “He’s right there.”

Mom: “I know—but when I saw him I thought he was a student!”

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