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I’m at home watching Netflix with my 2 year old son, when the internet goes down (note: I don’t have cable, just internet- so it’s my only source of tv). I double check all of my cords to my router and realize it’s not connecting to the internet. Using my phone data I go online and log into my ISP account- it’s been suspended due to late payment.
So I call in and see if there is anything that I can do to have it reinstated before payday (some companies will do it if you make a payment plan)

Customer service: Thank you for calling (ISP) how may I help you?

Me: hey, so I just realized I got behind on my bill and I was wondering how much I need to pay to have my services reinstated.

Customer service: sure! (Double checks security info) yes I do see that it’s been suspended, and we need a payment of (amount that isn’t actually too much). Will you be paying that today?

Me: I actually can’t today which is the other reason I called. I get paid on (4 days later) , but I know that sometimes it can be turned back on if I make a payment plan.

Customer service: I’m so sorry, but we actually changed our policy on that last month and we can no longer do that.

Me: well shoot. So you said that was (amount) right? I’ll be sure to pay that in a few days.

Customer service: …yeah. Um, thank you for being so mature about this policy change. I’m sorry that we can’t get you turned back on sooner.

Me: well, I mean it’s my fault for getting behind on my bill, it has nothing to do with you guys.

Customer service: thank you for saying that. You’re the first person I’ve had today that hasn’t yelled at me.

Me: I can only imagine. I’m sorry for that. Oh, do you guys accept Visa Debit for your payments?

Customer service: yup!

Me: perfect! Thanks so much for your help!

Customer service: you’re welcome, thank YOU for being so understanding; have a good day!

Me: You too!

I feel bad for the guy; how many people yell at him because of their OWN screw up?! I would hate to have his job

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