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I work in a small pub in an English village. I am a local and it’s my first job.

A customer comes in and asks for a Guinness and a ‘bit of lemon’. I walk away, pondering, before coming back and asking the man. “Do you want a slice of lemon in your Guinness? Or is a bit of lemon with something else?”

Suddenly the bar went nuts, laughing at the poor hapless girl that wanted to put a bit of lemon in a pint of Guinness instead of realising that the man meant an obscure bitter lemon drink for his wife.

I laughed along before pointing out to the man that not too long ago, a man had ordered a pint of lager and asked for me to put blueberries AND ice in it. He also wanted it served in a gin glass. So his request to have a slice of lemon in a pint of Guinness didn’t seem like such an odd drink’s order after that.

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