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A man walks up to my work station.
Me: Hi, how can I help you?
Him: Two or three weeks ago I read an article in *local daily newspaper* about an Asian poet who just came out with his first novel.
Me: That sounds super interesting! And what is their name?
Him: I don’t know, that’s your job to know.
Me: Hm, would you happen to know anything about the plot or the title, maybe?
Him: No, that’s what a bookshop is for! I got you for that! Do none of you read the paper?? That’s the third time you don’t know what I’m looking for!
Me: I can try and find it by googling but I’ll tell you it’s very little to go on …
Him: I’ll take a look upstairs and you search in the meantime.
Me: *half-hearted search of piece of hay in haystack*
When he comes back and looks at me expectantly I give him my sweetest smile and say that I haven’t found anything.
Him: I can’t believe it! Why don’t you know? It’s a new release!
Me: If you had the article I would find the book in ten seconds. Like this I really can’t do anything.
He is pissed and says he’ll take a look around. Quarter of an hour later he clmes back any thrusts a book in my face.
Him: I found it!
Me: Congrats.

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