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I work in a deli, and I have really bad anxiety. One night it was super close to closing time and a ton of people were in the store while I’m the only one working out front. I finally get to the last couple customers and I’m having a full blown anxiety attack because it’s 20 minutes after we’re supposed to be closed and I only have one open slicer. The customer is a full on Karen, and is yelling at me for taking so long to SHAVE three pounds of meat. (May be called chipped or shredded in other places) then she wants cheese, and by law I have to clean the slicer before switching to cheese. As I’m explaining this to her my voice is shaky and she’s yelling at me so I’m like tearing up and so she yells at me more. I explain best as I can that I’m having an anxiety attack, and continue cleaning the slicer so I can get to slicing her cheese. She starts going off on me telling me I’m a disgusting excuse for a human being and I shouldn’t be working if my anxiety is that bad. One of the store managers hears as he’s sweeping the store for remaining customers, and tells me to go into the back and he finished the customer. She ended up being banned from the store and my manager gave me a free lunch pass.

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