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I am biking on my way to work after an argument with my girlfriend when she texts me saying that she was going to kill herself. I call 911 and explain what happened and that I don’t know where she is and I can’t find out as she won’t answer.

911 operator: okay the police station is right up the road from where you are so they will be there in about 3 minutes

I stop biking around looking for my girlfriend and wait like the operator instructed. In the mean time I message my much older friend what happened. After 5 minutes the police aren’t here yet and I start panicking. I keep messaging my friend who is driving towards me as fast as she can and trying to get ahold of my girlfriend. After half an hour of this I call 911 again told them I had called and that the dispatcher had said police will be there in 3 minutes and it had now been 30.

New 911 dispatcher: I’m so sorry I see it here and that the police station was notified. Let me notify them again and they should be there in about 3 minutes.

Another 20 minutes goes by and still nothing from the police or my girlfriend my friend instructs me to call the police station directly.

Person answering at police station: Sanford police what can I do for you?
Me (at this point shaking and sobbing): I have made TWO 911 calls about my girlfriend attempting suicide and was told you’d be here almost an HOUR ago!!
Operator: Yes I can see that, we will send an officer over when we can.
Me (puking from stress and crying): when will that be this is an emergency!
Operator: I’m not sure we are having shift change and it could take awhile.
Me: What the hell!! She could be dying or dead!!!!!
Operator: we will send an officer over as soon as possible.

About fifteen minutes later two officers show up. One white and one Hispanic. I try to tell them what happened through my massive crying. They ask if we had been in a fight and I tell them yes we had had a minor argument but I didn’t see it being big enough for this. They ask what it was about. At this point I adress only the Hispanic officer

Me: we had a fight about her being a bit racist and I, a person of colour, was not okay with that.

Cop seems annoyed by this and that I’m just some privlidged b****

Cop: Okay where is she
Me: I don’t know, she is no longer at my place, I don’t know where she lives as I don’t have a car and we haven’t been dating very long. She wasn’t in any of the spots we hang out at downtown and by now she could be anywhere as it has taken over an hour to get your help.
Cop: does she live in Sanford?
Me: no she lives aways away but I’m not quite sure where can you look it up? Her name is [girlfriend’s name].
Cop: I can’t do that
Me: well can you help find her somehow then!?

After some back and forth the cop agrees to look her up. He goes to his car and types into his computer. Then comes back to me.

Cop: I can’t find her, does she have a Florida license?
Me:no she had a Maryland license.
Cop: well then I can’t do anything

I loose it crying hysterically and blowing up my girlfriends phone as the cops start to drive away I finally get a text from her saying “family Dollar” (a local discount store). I chase after the police car and show the officer the text and then discribe her car to him. He promises to drive to family Dollar and look for her and I start to bike over as well. As I turn onto the street the cop calls me and said he couldn’t find her and that’s all he could do for me and properly hangs up. I just go crazy looking for her. Finally finding her parked in a parking lot up the street from the store where she had overdosed and in her drug induced confusion had mixed up the lots. I immediately called 911 and report having found her and that she had overdosed. The paramedics and the same cops that had come earlier arrive. When I saw them I was so mad.

She was driven to the hospital and stayed in the ICU for a few days. It’s been almost a year since this happened and I still can’t believe how much the cops just didn’t care while my girlfriend was literally dying.

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