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(I’m working the register when this older guy comes in.)

Old Guy: I need a small ice cream cone. And I also need directions. Do you know how to get to (some random motel)?

Me: I have no idea. Hey (Female Manager), do you have any idea?

Manager: No, but I can look it up on my phone.

(She starts looking it up, and I get his cone rung up while we’re waiting.)

Me: Do you qualify for a senior discount?

Older Guy: The only thing I qualify for is directions to (Motel).

Me: *silently confused but finishes the transaction*

(My manager gets the directions ready; turns out the motel is only a few minutes away.)

Old Guy: *jokingly to Manager* Well, these directions had better work, or I’m gonna come back here and spank ya!

Me: *shocked into silence; did he really just say that?!*

Manager: *uncomfortable laughter*

Old Guy: I was hopin’ you’d say something like I’m not allowed to do that.

Me, silently: ???

Manager: Ah, well, yeah, I wouldn’t like that…

(Awkward silence ensues for a couple seconds, then the old guy leaves with a few generic parting phrases.)

Manager: Well, that was super uncomfortable.

Me: What a bleeping creep.

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