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One day when I’m leaving work, I pass a woman (woman #1) in the hallway who’s looking around. As I’m walking towards the stairs, another woman (woman #2) is coming towards me. I’m in my early 30s and these ladies are both at least in their 50s. There have been classes and workshops all day.
Woman #1, to woman #2: do you know where we’re supposed to go?
Woman #2: we were supposed to be the last classroom on the right, but they emailed that they changed it. (to me) are you going to the talk? Where are we supposed to go?
Me: no, sorry, I don’t know.
Woman #2, suddenly a little nasty and accusatory: then why you here?
Me: Because I work here?
Woman #2: what do you mean, you “work” here?
Me: What do you mean, what do I mean? I work here. I’m going home now.
Woman #2: ugh never mind! You’re supposed to go, you know, you won’t finish the course if you miss this.
(I ignore her and walk away.)
Woman #1: no, I think she does work here.
Woman #2: of course she does not work here!

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