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The ice cream place that I work at is quite small, and therefore we only have a maximum of two people working at a time, one being a manager, and one being a newer hire. In this story, I am the newer hire working with the daughter of the owners.

The shift had been pretty calm overall, but out of nowhere we get slammed with a bunch of people at one time.
The first guy we serve (I’ll refer to him as Customer 1) order two shakes, the first was a chocolate shake, which is easy, the second was a mint chocolate chip shake with hot fudge. I was sure to double check that I heard him correctly, since my hearing isn’t always the best. He confirmed his order, and I had my coworker make the mint shake because it required more steps than a normal shake. (So I can confidently say I never touched his drink)
Then I helped the next two people who ordered flurries (this is important because the mint shake and the flurries use the same machine to get mixed)
Everything was flowing well until my coworker handed Customer 1 his shake.
He started complaining that “that wasn’t what he ordered” without trying it, or even really looking at it.
My coworker was unsure of what he meant so she asked me to figure out what was wrong while she finished the other orders.

Me: “What seems to be the problem?”

Customer 1: “This isn’t what I ordered.”

Me: “You had a mint chocolate chip shake right?” (By this point I’m really nervous and unsure of what to do, but still trying to be nice)
Customer 1 didn’t confirm or deny this statement, so I opened the lid of the shake, which, in all fairness, looked disgusting because it’s green mixed with brown, but it’s definitely the right item. I asked my coworker if she added the right things, which she did, so I went back to the customer.
Me: “I know it looks weird, but we have to mix the ice cream with milk and then add the hot fudge, so-“

Customer 1: “This isn’t what I ordered, you brought my order over to that counter and then one of you did something with it!”

I still have no idea what to do so I apologize, but it’s too busy to do much else. The man takes a sip of his shake and walks out the door. My coworker and I discussed this later. From my view it looked like it WAS what he ordered and he left because he was wrong, but to my coworker it looked like he just decided to settle for the wrong thing. We still don’t understand why he was so upset over us doing exactly what he asked us to make.

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