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(My mom used to be a teacher for kids aged 10-11. One year she had a student that she would jokingly trade barbs with. He would always make fat jokes to her and she would make dumb jokes to him:)
Student: Hey, Mrs. (Mom) you’re so fat that you stepped on a quarter and squeezed a booger out of Abraham Lincoln’s nose.
(The rest of the class audibly groan as they recognize the low-ball he just served up to my mom. My mom knowingly glances around the room with a smirk, then looks at the student:)
Mom: (Student), you’re so stupid you don’t know that it’s Washington on the quarter, not Lincoln.
(Everyone loses it and the student hides his face in embarrassment. Before anyone goes off about my mom abusing her student, know that he sent her a handwritten letter asking her to attend his high school graduation. She showed up and he enthusiastically hugged her.)

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