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(This is in eighth grade math class. There are about three and a half rows of desks in the classroom and I sit in front of the one girl who’s the daughter of a teacher and at my school that automatically makes you a ‘Popular Kid’ she’s known for being a bit of a b*tch to people she doesn’t like and gets them in trouble for the most stupidest of things. She’s currently gossiping to her female friend and this kid I’m semi-acquaintances with on account that he keeps making fun of my first brief relationship with a idiotic boy in sixth grade. It’s currently the second day of March.)

Popular Girl: We broke up during November and he won’t answer any of my calls, texts, or snaps! I can see that he’s online and at home but whenever I go over to hang out he’s always busy! The few times he actually answers me, he barely talks and never wants to hang out with me!

Female Friend: Maybe he’s dating someone else and he doesn’t want you to get jealous.

Popular Girl: That’s ridiculous! Why would he date someone else when we broke up so recently?

Acquaintance: Well if my ex were talking to me nonstop, I wouldn’t tell her I was dating someone either.

Popular Girl: You two are just being ridiculous. He loves me, why would he date someone else?

(After school I tell this to my twin who’s known to be a blabber mouth. On my way to first period I find out that the ex boyfriend was indeed dating someone and was actively trying to avoid the Popular girl. The next part is what my twin tells me after encountering her in the restroom.)

Popular Girl: Did you hear that [Name] got suspended? How are we going to play four square now?

Twin: *about to leave restroom when she notices Popular Girl.* If he’s not answering you, it means he’s not interested. So stop stalking him!

(My Twin then leaves the restroom. The next day is a seat change and the girl is moved to the other side of the class and a few times when I look over to where she’s sitting, she is glaring at me as though I killed her cat.)

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