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I work in a small town store, so many of my customers are regulars. One man in his late 50s is one of those older men who like to make jokes that aren’t really funny but you pity laugh because *customer service* and also likes to tell the girls to smile, which gets on every single one of my nerves every time. I used to pity laugh and fake smile, but after a while I stopped and would just proceed with his order like he hadn’t said it. What really got to me was him consistently walking up behind me and making physical contact, ie grabbing my shoulders, gently pushing me, putting his cold groceries on my neck, or my favorite, kicking me gently but enough to make me lose balance on the back of my knees. If I’m not checking him out, I don’t acknowledge him. This happens one day
Coworker: *over intercom* [my name] propane service please
I walk towards the front to grab the key for the propane tank. When I get there she’s helping my least favorite customer. The propane was for someone else thank god.
Customer: propane time!
Me to coworker: is it prepaid?
Customer: hey, smile
Coworker: yeah it’s 4.5
Customer as I walk past without looking at him: smile!
Once I finish pumping propane for the other customer and come back in he’s still there talking to another local.
Customer: cmon and smile, life ain’t that bad.
I proceed to hang up the key and go back to work in the back when I hear him start talking to my coworker, who is well aware of my feelings towards this customer.
Customer; she’s quite a b**** ain’t she
Coworker: oh, cmon there’s no need for that
Customer: she never smiles or nothing
Like dude. Maybe if you weren’t a d*** all the time

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