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, | Unfiltered | June 14, 2022

(My brother always loved Christmas, because of all the presents. He was a bit spoiled, since he was the baby. Usually he got video games or toys for Christmas, while my sister and I got socks and underwear. We would complain to our mom why we would get horrible gifts and he’d get great ones. Mom didn’t say anything, and when Christmas day arrived, my brother eagerly unwrapped his gifts, expecting toys as usual. Socks…and underwear. His face fell. Finally he opened his last gift, which was rectangular. It was a box of envelopes.)

Brother: “…”

Mom: *cheerfully* “Isn’t that nice! Now you can write letters.”

(My sister and I tried to stifle our laughter at our brother’s expression. I’ve never seen him so disappointing–like I said before, he is spoiled. The day after that, he announced that he didn’t like giving gifts on Christmas anymore. Coincidence?)

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